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These photos show a roof that had only been done approx 8 months and leaked within a matter of weeks
These photos show the flat roof after been renewed and with fibreglass finish, new leaf aprons fitted and new double skin dome fitted, one half of the slate roof stripped off and renewed with lead apron where slate roof meets the fibreglass roof.
Lead valley after been renewed
These photos show a defective glasshouse roof before work was undertaken.
The photograph shows the roof after work was carried out. The roof was replaced with structural glazing bars and triple glaze polycarbonate sheets
New lead aprons fitted and the walls made good.
The picture shows an old lead valley which was
stripped out and renewed
This photo shows defective lead valley before it was renewed, This photo shows where the defective lead valley was renewed and the roof made good to the immediate area of the valley
These photos show where the wall meets roof The original lead had been stolen A lead substitute was used as an apron and flashing. The wall was made good with Canterbury Spar pebble dash
These photos show a triple glaze glasshouse roof that was fitted as one sheet,which was stripped off completely, all new timbers fitted, Velux roof light fitted with curb, roof was then boarded and finished in fibreglass with new Pvc Facia and rainwater gutters.
These photos show an existing box profile roof which was stripped off, all new roof timbers fitted, boarded and finished in fibreglass, including new Pvc Dacia board and new rainwater gutters etc
These photos show an extension that had been built against an existing extension which left no room for maintenance, so the bottom of roof was stripped off and fibreglass valley fitted
This shot shows a glasshouse roof as it was being dismantled including the glass house front.
This shot shows the glass house roof with new polygal triple glaze roofing system and aluminium glazing bars installed.

This shot shows the front of the glasshouse after a new PVC window and door were fitted.

These two photos show a slate roof that was defective and leaking due to the roof being to low a pitch for slate.

These two shots show the roof after it had been stripped, strengthened, boarded and covered with fibreglass to the existing shape of the original roof, new white PVC facia board and PVC gutters fitted.
The slates were not even on the battens

We stripped this roof off and found that there were no roof rafters under the slates, only battens bridging the wide areas where there weren't any rafters, we added extra rafters as best we could and then covered them with new felt and battens and cement fibre slates.

This shot shows a defective lead valley
before being stripped off and renewed.

This shot shows the lead valley after
being renewed.

The Photographs above show a defective roof before and after the renewal of the saddle roof and a new fibreglass roof.

These two shots show a box profile roof with defective PVC shiplap to wall before alteration
This photo and the photo below show the roof after completion with new Velux roof light and new sill in place with new lead aprons and soaker, new PVC Shiplap fitted to side of wall.
This photo shows a flat roof that has gone into disrepair. We stripped off, renewed some roof rafters, and covered the area with new boards and then fibreglass using original lead aprons.
This photo shows the roof after some new rafters were fitted, boarded out, fibreglass finish and new white PVC facia boards fitted with new rainwater gutters.

These two pictures show a before and after, showing in the before lead soakers that had been fitted and were letting in water to the main building of the property, the second photo shows a new lead soaker fitted with a new lead apron adjoining main roof and wall made good

This photo shows a flat roof which was originally a felt roof which was stripped off, new lead aprons fitted and walls made good, and roof covered with new boards and then covered with fibreglass with a new double skin dome fitted

This photo shows the roof after the roof covering was renewed with fibreglass and a new double skin dome fitted in place, new lead apron to the left and top but original lead apron to the right not renewed due to it being a neighbours wall

This photo shows a flat roof in felt which was leaking, before the roof covering was renewed

This photo shows a tiled roof which was at too low a pitch for the tiles and the skylight

These photos show the roof after the roof tiles were stripped off the window built up to enable lead apron to be fitted to create a water seal, the roof was boarded out and covered with fibreglass and a new tilt and turn PVC window fitted, and a new electrically operated Velux fitted

This photograph shows a glasshouse roof before alterations, with wall above not capped off
These photographs show the glasshouse roof after it was renewed with aluminium glazing bars and triple glaze poly gal sheets and then the wall rendered to the left and capped off with fibreglass and new code 4 lead apron at the back
This shows a shot of a valley that has been done wrongly with felt just stuck to the wall and fitted over the existing lead.
The photos above show a shot of the valley, the valley was stripped out completely, new rafters fitted, covered with boards and then covered with fibreglass.
This photo on the right shows the result after a 3 flue chimney was demolished, a 175mm twin wall gas pipe was fitted with Terminal and then checked by our GAS SAFE PLUMBER
The pictures show a saddle roof and another lean slate roof behind, both were covered in asbestos slates. The roof was stripped down and disconnected to make way for a new fibreglass flat roof. The remainder of the roof was reslated with cement fibre slate. The asbestos slates were disposed of through an official waste company with the appropriate certificates
As shown this job had already been started when these photographs were taken. We had already hacked off the rear of the house.
We built up the larger of the windows to match the existing height of the narrower window and then fitted new, pupose made, concrete sills. We also installed a new Code 4 lead apron.
We then stripped off the existing roof covering, fitted new timbers and finished with new low profile roof tiles.
We renewed the rainwater gutters and facias to the main house and kitchen roof.
The photographs above show a before and after shot of the rear of a terraced house which was hacked off, re-rendered and finished in a float finish. The existing perspex, corrugated asbestos sheets and timbers were removed.
New roof timbers were fitted into place and covered in breathable roofing felt and battened then covered in low profile concrete roof tiles, code 4 lead aprons were fitted together with flashings.
New purpose made concrete sill fitted to small window.
The corrugated perspex roof was replaced with polycarbonate triple glaze pvc with twinfix bars.
New pvc facia and rainwater gutters and pipes were fitted into place.
New pvc windows and doors fitted in light oak with tilt and turn windows above the conservatory roof and above the tile roof for easy cleaning.
The old corrugated asbestos sheets were disposed of correctly and safely by controlled waste management.
The photographs above show a corregated asbestos roof which was ripped off and replaced with new roof trusses to increase the pitch of the roof in order that roof tiles could be fitted.
The window was built up approx 500ml and a purpose made concrete sill together with a tilt and turn window fitted in place.
Code 4 lead apron fitted where the roof meets the wall and made good with next door's roof with lead flashings.
Then felt and batten were fitted and a low profile together with low pitch roof tiles put in place.
The corregated asbestos roof were safely disposed of by controlled waste management.
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